Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Beads

So, I've attacked the beading. . . and I LOVE IT! I feel this may be addicting, if not time consuming. The two lines along the cable I did took about an hour each. Here is a picture.

It's pretty dreary here today, so not the best for knitting photos. . . here is a closer up so hopefully you can see the beads better.

They are subtly sparkly, which is good, since this isn't supposed to be a 'nightclub' bag, it's for a wedding. . . and I think when they're all on and the beads along the frame it will look very elegant.

It really was not that hard. . . I encourage any of you thinking about adding beads to do it! Of course, it helped that I took the project out to a knitting group last night. This was my first time meeting the ladies in this group and so I could show no fear! Of course, it was nice to have everyone fawn over the beautiful yarn, too.

So here is a primer on how I did it:

1) Test your needle to make sure it will fit thru the bead (and no, I didn't do this as MY first step, but I did it after the first needle I threaded didn't work!)

2) Thread your needle in matching thread (I just used a single strand and I used 'plain' sewing thread. I've heard that some people suggest using silk thread because it is stronger, but since this will have a lining with no chance of snagging the thread to pop off beads, I didn't think it was necessary to spend the extra $$).

3) Bring the needle up thru the backside of the knitting where you want the first bead to be. Leave about 2 inches of thread in the back. Slip the bead on the needle and then bring the needle back thru to the backside. Tie a knot with the tail and the working thread to secure it.

4) Run the thread thru the bead a second time and make a sewing knot. (I don't know if that is the technical term. . . .but the kind where you make a loop and bring the thread thru a few times and tighten it. (Check out the overhand knot here. . . doesn't show you HOW, but gives you the idea)

5) Now run the thread thru the back at the next spot you want the bead. Don't pull too tight so as not to pucker the fabric. Thread on the bead, make a second loop thru the bead and secure with a sewing knot.

6) Continue all the way up the work putting beads as you go.

It's really that simple!

In non-bag news, while I was avoiding the beading, I re-knit my Better Sweater. It's all knit and ends woven in. I just need to seam the arms, block it and then add the button to the bottom. Here is a picture today.

It fits so much better than the first one! Now, just to get cooler so I can wear it. Considering it's going to be 100 degrees Saturday, that probably won't be until October!

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, I got the yarn I bought on Etsy from Melanie.

It's more yellow than I thought but I totally dig it. Part of me wants to make Monkey's, but the other part of me hates doing what everyone else is doing and so I have to pick up like 5 sock books from the library to hopefully find a pattern to fit the yarn.

I probably won't post for a few days. . . we're headed down to Charlotte, NC to visit one of Jake's college friends. I got a lead on a few yarn shops down there, so I'm sure I'll come back with something new :-)


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Love the beads!! I have a project materials for a gorgeous scarf with beads but am very intimidated to even attempt it...thanks for your layout of what you did!

I'm on my second pair of monkeys, so I say go for it! Especially in that color :)

PixieRose said...

that bag is so pretty. And that green/yellow yarn is really pretty. We did a monkey knitalong with the group (well actually its still going. I think only two of us have finished the pair). I wasn't a fan of that pattern, but they turned out pretty nice. I have several sock books you are more than welcome to borrow (both sensational knit sock books, folk socks, vintage socks, favorite socks, and knitting on the road). I beleive in sharing between friends.


Jen said...

I'm sure your friend will adore the bag!
Can't wait for the cooler weather to arrive, either. Can't use much of our handy-work during the summer months!
Have a great trip!