Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not for the weak of Heart

I just finished Laura's Bag. Holy Cow! Had I thought it would be 1/2 as difficult as it was, I never would have offered it up. The knitting. . .. that's CAKE! The beading, sewing, finishing. . . . that all sucks! My neck and my back hurt from being all hunched over sewing a bead on every single loop on both sides of the purse hardware. If this wasn't a wedding gift, I would have quit! Maybe my finishing techniques just suck so that's why it was hard. The double-edged sword is that Laura is so not a crafty/do it yourself type. So, she'll either look at it and see all the little things that bother me and think 'this looks really handmade' and hate it, or she'll like it but totally not appreciate that, all combined I spent about 20 hours to make it! Hopefully it will be sunny tomorrow AM so I can take some pictures before I send it out.

Now, I'm going to eat some Chips-Ahoy and milk to reward myself (diet be damned! I had stir-fry for dinner, I can splurge, right?)


PixieRose said...

congrats on finishing. I hope you can get a picture tomorrow before you send it away. I'd love to see how it turned out. I'm still drooling over that yarn.


Jen said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished bag. It's so decadent!