Friday, August 3, 2007

You only get married once, right?

I sure hope so. . . since my wedding gift for my best friend Laura is going to be the Best Friends bag from knitty. Well, that bag, in addition to the fact that I'm standing up, spent $200 for my dress, $140 for hair & makeup, hotel room, travelling back to MI for the wedding. . . but I digress. I decided to ask her if she like the bag before I checked out the yarn. Last time I do THAT. Good Lord. . . I knew cashmere would be expensive, but this Joseph Galler Pashmina was even more ridiculous than I could imagine. Of course, it didn't help that I couldn't find it anywhere online to buy so I had a LYS track it down for me. (BTW, if you need a hard to find thing, check out Susan. .. she is amazing at finding stuff! Of the 5 LYS I know, she was the only one who could find it and got it to me in 4 days!). But let's just say, after buying the yarn, the bag closure, satin lining and beads. . . . I could have bought a small Coach bag and called it a day. But it's the thought and handmade part that counts, right? And, since it is the wedding gift, so the groom doesn't feel left out, I'm going to knit up a small pouch to use to hold the rings. All that said, it is the softest most beautiful yarn I have ever seen and I'm super excited to knit with it. Here is a picture, for your viewing pleasure.

Now stop drooling on your computer while you imagine the softness!

I'm heading to Vermont for work on Sunday, so I'm really excited to see all my old friends AND I'll have plenty of plane and airport time to get back into knitting. Plus, I can visit some of my old favorite yarn shops. Golf lessons and family visits and spending freezes have put a cramp on my knitting for sure.

And, to end on a puppy note. . . Finally Jimmy Ray didn't run away from the camera. . so here is our little beagle :-)

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sko_G knits said...

wow, i'll be dreaming of knitting with pashmina!!!

your puppy is a cutie!!