Wednesday, November 28, 2007

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. . .

99 posts to my blog, Take one down pass it around. .. . Whoa! Triple digits coming! And in the spirit of 'passing it around', I am going to have a contest in my 100th post. I must say, the timing is fortuitous, as the prize is going to be an item I recently received that I purchased and I can't for the life of me figure out WHY I ordered it! It's lovely, just not something I will EVER use. . . well at least not in the near future! So check back for details, I haven't figured out what it will be yet :)

In the headlight department, I am functioning again. Jake expected it was going to be a big ordeal, but lo and behold - both my headlights were actually burnt out. Seriously, what are the odds?!?! I think I should pay the lottery. I might believe the odds weren't that low if they were both still the original headlamps, but the passenger side lamp had to be replaced in 2004 after an accident, while the driver side is the original one that came in the car. Jake thinks there is a 'bigger problem' that cause a short and blew both the lamps at the same time. He thinks diagnosing that is beyond him, though, so if they go out again, off to the repair shop I will have to go! Fingers crossed they don't, but my car IS getting to that point. She is just about to turn 100K miles and she will turn 7 in January. She's served me well, and she was the first brand new car I bought all by myself (and she still looks pretty good in a photo)! I want her to stick around mostly because I love not having a car payment!! I'm so not a 'car' person, it's just not that important to me, so I mostly plan to drive it into the ground.

Christmas knitting continues. . .Anna's 2nd endpaper is almost complete. One item got removed from the list, though. The 'number' socks for Jake's dad will be no more. Instead he's getting a block of wood. No, seriously, a block of wood. It's a big 'ol block of Zebra wood. Last year he got a lathe, and hasn't done much with it yet. This year, Jake is giving him a set of lathe tools, so I'm giving him the wood to try to turn a bowl with. Fancy, huh? :)


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Hope the car is okay! The endpaper mitts are looking gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

So your car is a she? My car is also a she, however DH's car is definitely a he :D (Yes, ours have names, too.)

I would also reckon there is some electrical problem to cause both of the headlights going at the same time, it just sounds a bit too peculiar to happen completely out of the blue. I do hope it won't have to stay in the garage for that long, and I do hope it won't be that expensive. (Although, everything car-related seems to be horribly expensive.) Good luck with your car!

The mitts look pretty!

- Your Secret Pal

keri said...

What a cute idea - I love creative presents like that!

Hope the car works out for you - it still looks great! I have an old jeep grand cherokee my hubby is driving into the ground, 279,000 miles and counting! =)