Sunday, November 4, 2007


Have you played balderdash before? I only recently learned of this game, and it is mighty fun. More fun the more you drink, but lots of fun even sober :)

Last night, we were playing and this was the question in 'Laughable Laws':
In Tennessee, a now outdated law said that a man
is forbidden to divorce unless he.....
There were several interesting 'fake' answers come up with by players, but you will appreciate the real answer:
A man is forbidden to divorce unless he left his wife ten pounds
of dried beans, a side of meat and enough
yarn to knit herself stockings for a year.
Now, depending on how you interpret this, it could be not that bad of a deal. . . Is it enough yarn to knit 365 pair of stockings. . . or one for every week? Is it enough yarn to keep occupied by knitting for a year? That's really not so bad either. Beans and meat aside, an old school Tennessee divorcee didn't get off too bad, IMHO. I guess the state wanted to make sure she was well equipped for spinster-hood, you know, since it's only old unmarried women that knit, right? And she can eat all the beans she wants and not worry about gas. . . being alone :)
Anyhow, this made me chuckle, though you might enjoy it too!


mjm knitting said...

thanks for the comment on my blog, especially since it was over a month ago and i didn't notice it until today. to answer your question-yes- the colour of the lamb's pride bulky is persian peacock. i love the colour too.

i have never played balderdash but had a chuckle over your story. :-)


HYSTERICAL!! Oh that's awesome. I'd definitely take that yarn. :D