Friday, November 16, 2007

Waste of Calories

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrr......................... We have lived in Virginia for nearly 18 months. Apparently, there is not a single palatable pizza parlor in a 50 mile radius. We tried a new place, again, tonight. It was total garbage, like every other place we have tried. I refuse to believe pizza is a northern thing (and I say that NOT as one of those obnoxious New York types who think anything outside of New York City doesn't count as pizza). So why is it so hard to find a place that makes it WORTH all the fat and calories that comes with ordering pizza for dinner? I only splurge every month or less, but I really want it to be GOOD. . otherwise, what's the point?!

Alright, sorry for the completely unrelated rant, but it couldn't be helped.

I've been steadily knitting on the Christmas socks for Deb. . . and my order from JoAnn arrive today so I can block the DreamSwatch with my awesome new blocking wires :) And swatch for the bag for my mom. That means the only other Christmas project yet to get underway is the 'number' socks for Bob. Bob (Jake's dad) teaches 6th grade. One day a week, all the 6th grade teachers 'hide' numbers somewhere and the kids get something for noticing them. So, I'll be making socks with a few numbers on them so he can put his feet up on his desk to let the numbers show and see if the kids pick up on it. These will be my first attempt at toe-ups (well, OK, 2nd, but I gave up on Anastasia, so I'm discounting it!).

Tomorrow is supposed to somewhat sunny, so I can finally take some WIP photos and make my posts more interesting! Tomorrow is also the UM-OSU game. . . Big Ten Title is on the line! So you know where I'll be for the afternoon!

Finally, I realized I never introduced my spoilee from the PRGE. Please go visit Cheryl :) I had a great time with this swap and putting together packages. (I'm still waiting for my final package, but trying to work on my patience!). I hope Sunne hosts another soon! And speaking of swaps. . .. I'm actually considering starting one. . . totally stealing the idea from a sewing swap I saw online. The theme is 'scavenger hunt'. . . where I would post categories, and you have to send your partner a knitting related item representing each category. Any thoughts/interest? I wouldn't do it until after the holidays. . . . let me know. . . and GO BLUE!!!


PixieRose said...

ok so I totally went and ordered those blocking wires too. I hope mine get here tomorrow.
I'd also be interested in that swap. That would be fun, and in theory you'd have to be pretty creative on some of them.
Also if you like the Anastasia Socks you can do them top down. I knit them recently. did one toe up and one top down.


Zonda said...

Bummer on no good pizza around. We feel that way about Chinese food around here! I think I'd be interested in a sewing swap! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Krystal said...

Ok I'm so buying those wires... let me know how they work out! And hey, no hard feelings, really, but I just HAVE to say it... GO BUCKS! :)

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Its one of the few times you'll hear this Irish fan say it...but

Cheryl in VA said...

Have you tried Primo Pizza on Baxter Rd & Princess Anne. They seem to be the only ones we actually like. Although Cal's comes in pretty close 2nd.

I love my blocking wires. Although having used them to block Emerald Isle, I think it takes a time or two to get used to them. I think I will also use them to block my sweater peices before grafting them together.

sunneshine said...

I am so in love with my blocking wires - I hope you have the same great experience!!

And thanks for the blog love!


I admit...I read nothing after the pizza part of this post. I'm starving.

Anyways!! Maryland has good pizza. I had the same experience when we moved from Maryland to Georgia, and then to North Carolina. Still haven't found anything to compare.

DancesWithDogs said...

Cogan's, Colonial Ave across from the Bank of America branch (just a coincidence). Cogan's is funky and weird, has an enormous beer selection on tap, and pierced and tattooed waitresses. I love this place.

Oh, and...cute socks!