Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Meet my new friend :)

So SP11 was my first secret pal. I've had a great time, despite the poor start with a first pal who was just trying to get gifts without passing on the goodness. Unfortunately, it seems from Ravelry that a lot of people had poor experiences. Bummer. However, my 'replacement' spoilee was great! Meet Tracey, and go check out her blog ;) She got my reveal package today. She has been very gracious and I've enjoyed picking gifts for her immensely! She lives very near my mom's home, so I'm hoping when I go home in January we can meet in person. I've had a great time with my spoiler, too. She is currently gallivanting around Colorado & Utah and I don't have my final package yet, so I will introduce her when it arrives (even though I kind of know who she is, just haven't visited her blog!).
Knitting is moving along. Both endpapers are done up the the top ribbing, which is just waiting for the 1st sock to be done so I can use the Sz 1 DPNs. Once I wrap up sock one (hopefully tonite) I'll finish both those then cast on for the mates. I feel very calm about Christmas knitting now, but I know it will be here way earlier than I'm prepared for!!
Hope your holiday preparations are going well and Happy Thanksgiving Early!!

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Tracey, in MI said...

I hope we can get together in Jan! Would be great! You've been a great pal!