Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fixing vs Frogging

While I consider myself a 'verging on advanced' intermediate knitter, I suck at fixing errors. Anything besides a basic dropped stitch/wrong stitch/wrong slanting decrease, I typically resort to frogging. I was working on my hat tonight, and started decreasing for the crown too soon. Once I tried it on again and realized this, I had to rip back an inch or so to where the increases started. No biggie. . .until I picked up all my stitches again and was one stitch short. I found the pattern repeat where the stitch was missing without a problem. Given there was no hanging loop, I was smart enough to realize I was missing a YO. Should be an easy fix, right? So I pick up a YO and knit around. When I knit the next pattern row on top of my 'fix' it suddenly didn't look right. No problem, I think, I'll just drop down and move the YO to the other side of the stitch. After I did that, the pattern still didn't look right. OK, I can still fix it, I'll just drop two stitches down the two rows and move the YO again. You can see where this is going, right?

I spent about 2 hours, all in all dropping the entire pattern repeat of 7 stitches trying to make it 8 stitches and it never looked right. Big bummer :( So I had to rip all the way back to the last place I could see all the right stitches, about 1.5 inches. I started to knitting again (undaunted, can you believe it?!?! but I really like the pattern!) and then it hit me. . . . I realized that where the pattern repeat landed straddled where I had started my decreasing. . . . DOH! I wasn't missing a stitch, it had been legitimately decreased and I just needed to tink back that one pattern repeat and I would have been good to go. . . . Knitting irony is much funnier when it happens to someone else. . . . so go ahead. . . have a good chuckle at my expense!


Krystal said...

Oh man, I hate it when stuff like that happens... when I was knitting my Icarus, I found I had one too many stitches in a place, but I couldn't find where I missed a decrease or anything, so I added one... and two rows later, I was one stitch short in the same place. Guess I should learn to count to seven BEFORE starting a lace project... :) Glad you still like the pattern lol! said...

It's a good thing you like the pattern. I can't even fix a droped stitch, so when working on a hat for my dad, I dropped a stitch and frogged back to the beginning of the decrease. only problem? Now I had to put 60 stitches back on my needle. I'm surprised I didn't drop any!