Thursday, December 13, 2007

¿Habla español?

OK, You don't have to speak Spanish to enjoy this stuff. We randomly found it while grocery shopping last night and we were looking for something 'not so bad' for us in the Ice Cream aisle (we were trying to avoid buying Ben & Jerry's!). OH MY GOSH. . . .. This stuff is AMAZING!! You HAVE HAVE HAVE to try it. We tried the pomegranate & blueberry, but there was a raspberry and a margarita flavor, too. It's not totally fat free, but it's WAAAY better than most other options.

And if you are saying to yourself "Wow, not much knitting content these days, Carly". . . .. you're right, and that is because not much knitting is happening!! Darn Holidays! They are too busy!!!

But never mind that. . .. .go stalk your grocery store for Hola Fruta!


Knitted Gems said...

I can't find this in my store. No fair! I love sherberts.

Angela Marie said...

Looks like its not sold here in Oregon. *sad face*