Tuesday, December 4, 2007

PRGE Box #2

The mailman came at a very inopportune time yesterday. I work out of my house and, with two dogs, this is sometimes challenging. I was in my office on the phone pitching my charts to my Vice President when the mail man arrived and woke my dogs from their very quiet slumber (normally they pick an important meeting as the time to play with squeaky toys). Once they heard the mail truck, they went OFF barking. . .no one on the phone could hear me speak, so I had to mute, instant message my boss to tell everyone that I would be back on momentarily, then come back on and apologize for the interruption. Yuk! However, the mailman brought such an awesome box, so I can't complain too much!

It was box #2 from the PRGE swap. Angela was my spoiler and this box totally rocked!

Inside were so many goodies! First, 2 skully dishcloths (Dishcloth pattern here). I've never seen black cotton yarn before, I think it's awesome! There were two notebooks, a small one perfect for a travelling knit bag, and a large lace & skull pattern notebook that will work great as my current knitting notebook is nearly full! There were Cougar Mountain Chocolate Chip Cookies that I can't WAIT to try, but they are currently hidden in the freezer because I ate WAAAY too much peppermint bark the last couple days (both at home and on the job!), a Mt Hood Postcard and the final installation of Cast On, Bet's Off!. Finally, and the part I'm most excited about, Angela printed out Eunny Jang's 'Majoring in Lace' along with 2 lace patterns and compiled it into this great folder to attempt to tackle my first lace project! She also included one skein of lace weight that she dyed, and a bare skein to attempt to dye myself (Jess - I see you helping me with this!). Pretty awesome, right?! Of course, I have to finish holiday gifts before I can tackle something else , but maybe this will be my New Year's Resolution!

Finally, to close with more puppy debauchery. . . .Jimmy Ray's quest to find the critter evolved to this:In case you can't tell, that is this much carpet torn up, and moulding scratched. Good thing the carpet is already planned for removal, else this household MAY have ended up one puppy smaller! Meanwhile, Zosia says 'Can you just leave me alone with my menagerie?' (This is her collection of stuffed squeaky toys!)


Jen said...

How cool! You will have much better luck at the Print o the wave stole because you, unlike me at the time, can do things like read and understand charts. :) Apparently, that skill is essential when attempting to actually knit something from a chart.

P.S. I think Seth MacFarlane is a twelve Year old boy in a man's body and with an animated dog's voice. :) No normal adult could write like that. Right?!

Angelika said...

I know someone who has the same problem with her dogs. Good luck to you on the lace and good luck to Jimmy Ray with the mysterious critter behind the vent.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

What a great swap package! Love the dishcloths!

Oh, Jimmy Ray...what to do..what to do! You are a cutie!

knitphomaniac said...

that's a fantastic swap you've received :D looks good!