Friday, December 28, 2007

Sniffles and snot

Ugh. . . I am sick. It started yesterday afternoon. Sleeping last night was accomplished only by stuffing tissues in my nose to keep me from constantly blowing (sorry, I'm sure you could do without that visual image). I'm the annoying kind of sick where I'm not achy, just full of snot. So I've been on the couch all day. Around 1pm, I couldn't knit one more row on the Via Diagonale without stabbing my eyes out with the needles, so I cast on a few new projects ;)

I was going to use a pattern from the dishcloth book Tuulia sent me, but I brought down size 8s to knit it on and the pattern called for 50 stitches, which would have been GINORMOUS. Yes, I could modify the pattern to less stitches, or I could have walked my butt back upstairs to get smaller needles, but as I mentioned, I'm sick, and moving off the couch for any reason other than getting more Kleenex must be avoided. Instead, I used a late Christmas gift. (last night Jake gave me Nancy Wiseman's Knitters Book of Finishing Techniques and also More Sensational Knitted Socks) The latter I had borrowed for so long from Jessica that I was having withdrawl after I gave it back to her, so it was a nice surprise Jake had bought it. Anyway, I am using the Grapevine pattern from the sock book to make a dishcloth, because I need some quick satisfaction.

I also cast on for a hat for me, Dizzy. I had enough leftover Malabrigo (thank you, new scale!) from Jake's hat to use for this. I finished the ribbing and then got to the 'decrease evenly'. Grrrr. . .. the pattern is only one size, why would the not give you the pattern to decrease 8 of 98 stitches?!?! I am in no mood for math, but I stumbled on this website that kept the hat from going back to whence it came. I really like the pattern, though I'm unsure how WARM it will keep me with all those holes. Oh Well, it's never THAT cold in Virginia, and I can look cute wearing it, right?!

I hope I feel better tomorrow. I have the house to myself all weekend. . .no Jake, no dogs. . . . I want to enjoy it! (Though if I'm sick, I will have to work on my Scavenger Hunt Swap categories & questionnaire, so maybe not so bad!).

Hope you're feeling better than me and have much excitement planned for Monday night! I'll post pictures when I am not too lazy to move from the couch to take them!

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Aw, it seems like all my favorite bloggers are sick. Hope you feel better soon! Besides, at least now you have an excuse for knitting on the couch all day. ;D
P.S. I hope you don't mind that I used my URL for a nickname. Wordpress won't let me sign in to Blogger. :(