Monday, December 31, 2007

Good luck and bad luck and a Happy New Year!

The good luck, 2 FOs and a clean closet:)
A hat for me:

(I'll post a modeled shot when Jake gets home and can take it. . . the hat is even cuter on!)
A dishcloth for swapping:

The closet: (this may not seem that impressive, but there have been the remnants of our move into this house since December of last year still in boxes, which are now recycled - very exciting to be box free and a great way to start the year! This also may not really look like a closet, but it's under our staircase so the coat hanging portion is not in the photo! And yes, our dogs really DO have that many treats!!)

The bad luck, I can't read a pattern very well :( I've had Sizzle on my 'must knit' list for quite some time. I bought the yarn with Birthday gift money. I downloaded the pattern last night and was all set to swatch when I re-looked at the yarn requirements. I thought I read the yarn requirements right. . and technically I did. . .. for the wrong size! I bought 6 balls, which is 576 yards. Plenty for the XS. . but I need to knit a S, which requires 650 yards and thus an additional ball. Crap! So now comes decision time. Buy another ball and deal with the dye lot mismatch by alternating rows on the back piece? Squeeze my not-so-large chest into a smaller size? Pick a new yarn altogether? Shorten the top to save yarn? Squeezing probably isn't the best option, I'm one inch smaller than the size S, so 3 inches bigger that the XS. Even though the top is knit in stockinette, I don't think that will look too attractive! I'd like to shorten the top. . . it's shoulder to bottom length is 22", which on me hits below my hips. I'd like it more 18" or 19", but even doing that, I don't know how much yardage that will save me. GRRR! What would you do? Any guesses on how to calculate the yardage savings by shaving 3 inches from the bottom? I'm really really REALLY excited to knit this, but I want it to fit when I'm done!!

4 comments: said...

The hat looks really cute. Good luck with your knitting quagmire.

Top Hat said...

I like the swirly-ness of the hat. I'd like to make a swirly one some day...

Anonymous said...

the hat looks good. can't wait for a modeled picture. I have no suggestions about the yardage. Where'd you get the yarn and what yarn? If you got it locally or ordered it online you might be able to call and try to get the same dye lot. unless you already tried that and know that they are sold out of it.

Happy New Years. Hope you have something exciting to do. We are being boring parents and staying home. Will probably knit a little and watch a movie.


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Such a cute hat!! And great job organizing!! I know that always feels like an accomplishment!!

Hmmm..not sure about Sizzle. Have you checked the ravelry boards to see if the sizing is correct...sometimes her patterns run a bit big so you might luck out with some adjustments (but sometimes I think they run I'm not sure how helpful I'm being). How long ago did you order the could always just order another just in case!

Happy New Year!!