Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Today is the Day!!

In a mere 3 or so hours, Jake and I will be venturing to the mall to buy my new pots and pans! I'm very excited.
We are actually second guessing the copper pots and are going to spend some time exploring All-Clad at the store today. It's odd to say we're considering anything other than the copper, because that is what I've wanted for no less than 2 years, but now that it's here. . . the 8 piece Mauviel has a stock pot that we don't need (we have 3 already), so that's only 6 functional pieces, and only one frying pan. . . .so I'm not sure the make-up of the set is ideal. And I get that it's never going to be PERFECT, but when it comes to the $$ for these pots, it does make me think long and hard.
I'll be sure to share photos of the final decision tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Cant wait to see pictures. Congrats on the purchase.


Knitted Gems said...

I understand the excitement. Within the past two years, I have purchased REAL knives and a stainless steel pan collection. Those were 2 happy days. It makes a world a difference to have good pots and sharp knives.