Friday, July 6, 2007

Another reason to Loathe Navy Federal

Let me start by warning you, there is no knitting, sewing or cute puppy stories. This is purely to vent.

My hatred of Navy Federal Credit Union started in March of 2006. In general, I do not hate inanimate corporations, so I'm not a 'hate the man' kind of person. After all, I work for a corporate behemoth, so who am I to talk. (OK, the one exception is my true, absolute hatred for WalMart, but that is a whole separate issue). Back to Navy. .. .Everything began with trying to open an account before I actually resided in Virginia. They input my address incorrectly while trying to open the account (online, of course, you cannot do this in person). Jake opened his account online, too, with no problem. I, however, get a letter that, due the the Patriot Act (oh yes, thank you President Bush), I have been flagged and they will not open an account for me. This is because the address they have for me does not match my credit report address. Simple me, I think by calling to point out that they had the wrong address will fix things. I call customer service but am told they cannot help me, my file is flagged and I must speak to an account fraud specialist, and they are not working at this time. Well, VERY long story short, it took 3 months, an in person verification of my passport and a certified letter from the Social Security Administration that I am, indeed, who I say I am and reside where I say I reside, for them to open my account. You may ask why I even bothered. . . I had NO CHOICE! Because I was now 'flagged' the Patriot Act would not allow any other bank to open an account for me until it was resolved. (We can't prevent a guy with TB from flying, but make sure that girl can't have a checking account!)

I hoped my first experience would be the first, last and only bad experience, unfortunately, they have only worsened their track record. I only keep banking with them because it is convenient for Jake, and, because they are the largest credit union in the world, they have really great rates (so shoot me, money talks). Today, is another example of their ridiculousness. I have no cash and several small errands to run. First stop, the post office. I ask 'can I get cash back with a debit card?' You can, so I am happy, now I'll have cash for the rest of my stops. 'I'd like $40 please'. tap tap tap on the screen, teller asks me to input my PIN, I do, and nothing happens. He asks for my card to try again. Still nothing goes thru. Hmmm, I guess perhaps I could have forgotten my PIN, so he runs it as credit and I leave before the very long line behind me gets too cranky. In the car, I call the number on the back of my card. After several selection menus and 8 minutes on hold, I get a person.
me: "Hi, I just want to check on my CheckCard. I just tried to use it for cash back at the post office and it wouldn't go thru. I'm pretty sure the PIN is right, since I just used the card last week."
Navy: "Yes, ma'am, there is no problem. You cannot use your card as Debit at a retailer'.
me: "What do you mean?"
Navy: "You can only use the card as credit at a retailer. If you want to withdraw cash, you have to use an ATM machine. There is no debit capability."
me: "But my card says Debit right on it. Why can't I use it at a store?"
Navy: "Yes, Visa requires us to put Debit on it, but it is not. You may use it at a store, ma'am, just not with your PIN. That is the way we set it up"
me: "Umm, OK, can you set it up so that I can?"
Navy: "No ma'am. All accounts are set up like that."
me: "Well, then, can I have a card that I CAN use at a store to get cash back?"
Navy: "We also have a CUCard that you could get, but it only works sometimes."
me: "What do you mean 'sometimes'?"
Navy: "It only works at some places, at others it does not."
me: "So you purposely issue cards that do not work reliably."
Navy: "Well, ma'am, that is why you have a CheckCard, but we can give you a CUCard if you would like."
me: "Umm, no, I don't want a card that works less than the one I have now. I guess I'll just stick with this."
Navy: "OK, then, is there anything else I can help you with today?"
me: "Aah, well, you haven't really been helpful with this, so I think I'm all set."
Navy: . . . .click. . . .dial tone. . .

Reason #382 is duly noted. . .


Becca said...

You showed a lot more restraint than I might have. I know it doesn't do any good to yell at the customer service people, but that's what they get sometimes. I've not had much luck with any of our military credit unions in the last 15 years, but that's pretty ridiculous.

Lynn said...

I hate all banking establishments. They treat you like dirt unless you have a ton of money.

And to answer your question on my blog, the cup cozy I made did not have a bottom on it. I cast on 36sts on size 4dpn, ribbed for 6 rows, knit in the round for 20 rows, ribbed for 6 more and cast off. With the cotton around the sides, it doesnt drip on the bottom.

Thanks for stopping by!!

sko_G knits said...

omg, what a nightmare!!