Thursday, July 12, 2007


So I was too bored with my halter & tank to work on them. And too bored with other things to not knit, so I decided to make a bag. (Of course, it's 95 degrees, why wouldn't I want to work with wool). I knit it up pretty quick, using the skein of Lopi I had from Jake's hat. I thought I would be able to do the whole thing in one skein, so I had planned to knit in a teal eyelash yarn I have had for years, would have looked cool after it felted. But, I ran out of charcoal, so I did the flap in burgundy leftover from another felting project. Here it is, without woven ends, pre-felting:

Hopefully it will turn out cute. I plan to sew in a lining and either a zipper or cut a button hole, if I can find a neat one.

On a slightly more exciting note, I am applying for a new job today. I'm a little nervous, we'll see how it goes!!

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