Sunday, July 15, 2007

A boyfriend does not a swift make

Bless his heart, Jake offered to help me wind yarn today. Since I have neither a winder nor a swift, yet always forget to ask the store to wind my yarn, I typically use the back of two chairs and wind away when on a teleconference for work that doesn't force me to be by the computer. This is actually quite a wonderful thing to multitask with, given it takes zero concentration to wind a ball. I had a horribly tangled blob of cotton leftover from one of my shopping bags, Jake wound while I unknotted. Unfortunately, he wound it WAY to tight, but not being one to discourage willing help, I just used his arms to hold the Lorna's Laces I needed to wind (the leftover from my lupine lace socks. I'm not sure this was really an more efficient than two chair backs. I really need to buy a swift! But with my spending halted for the month, and three projects needing yarn when said spending halt is over, it will still be quite some time before a swift enters the picture.

I did lots of sewing and knitting this weekend, being confined to the indoors from my chigger bites. The doctor told me to stay out of the sun, since the sun and heat will make the itch worse. Not knowing how it could possibly be MORE itchy, I was more than happy to take her word for it and not try. I don't have pictures, yet, so will post details and pictures tomorrow.

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