Monday, July 16, 2007


Like I mentioned yesterday, I was mostly confined to the house this weekend, so I made lots of knitting and sewing progress. Unfortunately I didn't get to the fabric store, I had planned to start sewing a DPN case. Barb graciously gave me some help to make one. . . my first attempt on my own was a horrible failure!! I want to get some fun pattern fabrics, I'm pretty excited. Since I couldn't work on that, I did finish up Jake's jeans. This was more of a patch job than a sewing job, but at least I got to play with the machine. It's running much better after it's tune up.

On to knitting. I fixed my first and finished my 2nd shopping bag. I just had to sew up the sides on the 2nd.

The first one was done, and had been used, then I found this

A crazy dropped stitch!! Where in the world did it come from? I have no idea how I missed it in knitting, but I just brought it to the back and crocheted a little chain in back to hold it and it's all better!

I now have 2 of these knitted. I plan on sewing 2 or 3 more, and I'll be set to never take a plastic bag from the grocery store again! I highly suggest the knit bag if you're trying to cut down on bags. They can fit a TON! I spent $100 yesterday and used only those 2 bags, and one paper bag from the store.

I also finished the Fixation tank.

I'm not overly excited about it. I would have knit the front up differently if I had realized I wanted to do something else with the back. I tried a few different types of straps and nothing worked that well because of how I shaped the arm holes on the front. This cross type was the only thing that worked. We'll see if it fits better after I block it (not sure this will do much, given the yarn has spandex, but can't hurt to try.). If not, it'll head to Goodwill.

I also felted the envelope bag.

No lining yet, since I haven't made it to the fabric store. It didn't shrink as much in the width as I expected. The complete opposite of the first bag I ever made that hardly shrunk in length but got super skinny. Go figure!

I got back to my halter, too. (Told you I did a lot of knitting!) I won't post a picture of that, it's not all that much different than it was before, just longer. I finished the first 5.5 inches, so I'm at the waist. I have to think about the shaping before I move on.

Finally, I started a pair of toe up socks with my leftover Lorna's Laces.

I plan just to make them ankle socks in a basic rib. I'm doing it more to learn the technique than to get socks I love. I finished the toe and I have to say. . . I can't believe people like this better than grafting!! Seriously!?! Grafting is over like 10 stitches. . . this short row wrapping and double wrapping takes FOREVER! I started over twice, to make matters worse. I had a problem when it came to the double wrapping and getting the purl stitch to work. I really like the idea of doing a sock toe up because they often end up too tall for me when I do cuff down, but I'm not sure I like this path. Maybe I need to find another pattern!

I did some pattern hunting, too. I found this FAB little bag that I am going to make for my friend Laura's wedding. I was going to make it in blue so she had her 'something blue', but she's doing a blue garter, so it'll just be ivory. I'm debating between a gold and silver purse clasp with the ivory, though.

Goodness. . . after buying fabric and cashmere for the bag, I'll have to go on another spending freeze!!!

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