Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Apparently it's the second day that kills you

Because of the trip to New York (and our lack of working-out motivation) we have not been to the gym in like 3 weeks. We went yesterday, I expected it to SUCK! Ended up being not so bad. I only ran for .75 of the 2.75 miles I did on the treadmill, but that's not awful. Jake decided to play hooky today and go fishing rather than to the gym. So I went by myself. OMG, I wanted to DIE! I BARELY made it thru .25 miles running, I had to walk nearly the whole 30 minutes. And, since I'm meeting my girlfriend for dinner out at a Mexican joint, it hardly seems to have been worth it. I feel a SORE July 4th coming on. . .

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