Tuesday, July 10, 2007

An Itch I can't scratch. .

for fear of losing my skin. and making it itch worse. I am COVERED in awful itchy bug bites. I don't know what they are, because they are WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY more irritating than mosquitoes and are filled with some yucky yellow-ish fluid. I don't know where they came from, since I haven't really been outside, and when I was on Sunday, it was during the day. Apparently they grow some super bug in Virginia that can bite without you noticing and bite thru layers of clothes (seriously, I have bites underneath where my bra band goes. . .) I could hardly sleep last night, trying so hard to resist the urge to scratch and convincing myself that it didn't really itch. Even calagel on them isn't helping. I feel worse than a 6 year old with Chicken Pox. (do kids still get that anymore?)

Not much knitting progress, simply because holding pointy needles makes it entirely too tempting to use them for scratching rather than knitting. I did finish the body portion of my tank and am working on the straps. I've decided to ditch the rest of the pattern. It was going to be a little too conservative if I did it per the pattern (yes, I could see that from the picture when starting, but I thought it would look better in real life). I bound off the neckline lower than it called for and am going to leave the back low and just bring the straps down to meet it. I'm considering cris-crossing the straps in back, but haven't decided for sure.

I also got my yarn from Mama Llama yesterday! I am supposed to be on a spending freeze on all things yarn related this month, but since this was a DISCOUNTED skein, my friend Susan convinced me it was OK to buy it now, because if I waited it would cost double and that's just silly. Plus, it was in my favorite colorway she dyes. . .. so I HAD to get it. he he. . .I love having someone help me justify my obsession!
It is merino lace weight. The color is vino.

This picture doesn't really do it justice. It will be used for my first attempt at 'real' lace just as soon as I am out of spending freeze and can buy some needles!

Finally, because Zosia looked so sad that I was taking pictures but none of her, so I had to make her feel better!

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