Wednesday, July 4, 2007

To Frog, Or not to Frog. . . That is the question

Since today is Independence day, I want to declare Independence from my nagging UFO. . . Stephanie Japel's Better Sweater. I am not the type of knitter to start something an not finish it. Maybe I just haven't found a pattern I despise that much yet that has made me not want to come back to it. . . I'm really not sure, but other than avoiding weaving in ends for a few weeks, I tend to not let projects sit. So this sweater sits and gives me the evil eye every time I go into my knitting bag. It is all knit, it has been since mid-April. One arm is seamed, should be easy to finish. . . BUT the problem is, even though my gauge is right, and I knit to the size I should be IT DOESN'T FIT!! I even tried it on while knitting it, but now that the sleeve is seamed up, it's entirely too tight and also too short (I think the tightness leads to the shortness). My arm looks like a burgundy-cased sausage in it!! So, it has sat. . . to finish sewing it is to admit defeat, as I know I won't wear it and I don't know anyone smaller than me that I would give it to. The dilemma. . . .

A lady in my knitting group suggested I could knit gussets and sew them in along the seam to give some more room. While in theory this works, I'm concerned that having two seams will be pretty visible and will probably drive me nuts. If I could graft the seam somehow, maybe, but I can't picture a good way to make it un-obvious. Otherwise, the only option to make this sweater and actually be able to wear it is to frog. .. . . just about ALL of it, and start over from the top of the arm down. UGH! That sounds just as unappealing as two seams. Of course, the final option is to just finish it as is, throw the sweater in the Goodwill bag and forget about it. I have until 5pm today, when we leave for our BBQ, to make a decision. . . then at the fireworks I can celebrate the country's independence and my own!

Have a great 4th of July!

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