Friday, September 21, 2007

I love my new hair!

OK, never mind that I look ridiculous in the self portrait, but I wanted to show you my new hair:

and in profile:

This is just blown dry, not styled yet and (obviously) me without makeup. It looked awesome yesterday, but by the time I got home the rain had wreaked havoc on my hair and so I didn't have Jake take a picture.

I'm very pleased, and excited to have short hair again! Yay!

We're headed to Charlottesville in a few hours, to see the Avett Brothers in concert, then tool around on Saturday (yarn shopping & wineries!).

Have a great weekend!


hope keene said...

Oh thats adorable! Where do you go and who do you recommend for hair? Mine is naturally curly, and I haven't found a stylist yet who can do it justice.

Cheryl in VA said...

Love the new look!! I felt so great when I cut mine too. It is kind of a new start sort of thing.

Have fun this weekend and see you Wed.

Romelda said...

I love your hair . . can I copy it?? That is suposed to be the sincerest form of flattery! Not that it would make me look like you..I wish!
Thanks for the note about the package. It was a fun idea and I hope she will love it! see you Wed?

Anonymous said...

Very cute hairstyle!!! I'll have your first box out to you on the 1st. Hope that's okay. - PRGE 3 Pal