Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I totally need to block it on my browser or something. My new thing is to check a couple times a day, see what is ending in the next 10 minutes and bid randomly on things that are good deals. This has resulted in multiple purchases of items that I have no use for (like two skeins of chunky brown Lopi. .. but it was $1.50 for both!). This is totally against my goal of trying to keep 'needless' things out of my life. Cluttery house = cluttery life and I just can't deal with that anymore! On the positive side, All of my purchases have only totaled $26 (not counting shipping) so at least I'm not breaking the bank.

And I officially decided to chop off my hair. I have an appointment at 4pm tomorrow. I'm planning on cutting my hair like the GH character Kate Howard. It's similar to Jenny McCarthy's, but a little fuller. I'm excited. I'm also excited because I just found out one of my good friends from Vermont who moved back to New York a few years ago when here mom got sick is coming to Williamsburg for a week with her husband and daughter. That's only 40 minutes away!! I haven't seen her in over a year, so I can't wait!!! It's not until October 20, but I want it to be NOW!! Too much excitement in one week. . . first seeing Kim then going to Nashville!

And I'm disappointed I've only gotten two contest entries so far :( I realize there is more than a week, and perhaps people are thinking about their response. Or maybe everyone is working with Jessica so she can win, since she's yet to win a blog contest :)


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

The internet and yarn shopping is all dangerous to me....but especially ebay! But $26...that sounds like some good deals!!

I'm thinking about my contest entry, because honestly, I have a similar kitchen aide mixer story that tops a favorite gift...I can't really tell you you stole my idea since it was your idea...but you know...I'm rethinking :)

~Kristie said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog but I couldn't respond back to you since blogger didn't share your email address with me.

Of course you'll be posting photos of your new haircut .. right?