Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yesterday was FABULOUS!!!

I think I am still smiling from yesterday. It all started with the mailman. I saw the truck had been out front for quite some time. He often takes breaks on our block, so I didn't pay much attention. A while later my doorbell rang. I opened the door and there were packages!! Count 'em. . . THREE (and notice Zosia wondering why I went out when the doorbell rang, since people usually come in).

Two packages were from eBay purchases, and the bright one was from my secret pal!!

So I already gave you the dish on the SP goods, but here are pics:

Though it's the first I'm showing, it was the last I opened. I wanted to save the surprise until the end.

The small eBay package was this absolutely BEAUTIFUL blended wool yarn. I wish there were more!! It's much nicer than I expected, and I only paid $3.50 for both skeins! (There is some black up for bidding now I am trying to get my hands on, too!). It's from fleece I've never heard of. . the label says 'Merino and Border Leicester cross bred'. Now to figure out what to do with 200 yards.

The big eBay package was a bit of a disappointment. Buyer beware, I suppose. This was the aforementioned $6.80 wool that was supposed to become Mr Greenjeans. Unfortunately, instead of a nice soft wool, the yarn in this box is more like twine. I looked at reviews from other buyers and they all said the yarn was great, so maybe I'm just odd. Now what to do with 2000 yards of it! Jake thinks it would be good for golf towels, since it's abrasive, so I'm going to knit one and see how that works before I decide what to do with the rest (relist on eBay, maybe?)

So that was the packages. Then came the shopping! We went to the gym after work and then the mall. Sears was having 12 months same as cash on Laundry purchases. When I lived in Vermont, I had a front load/high efficiency washer. It was AMAZING! I didn't realize the buyer of my condo listed the washer in their offer, so I couldn't take it with me to Virginia ;( So for the last 18 months I've been stuck with Jake's REALLY OLD washer. It has no gentle setting and is SO rough on clothes. So I finally convinced him, since we could pay for it over a year, to buy a new one! I'm now the proud owner of a Whirlpool Cabrio (it doesn't get delivered until 10/2, but I can still say I own it!). It's a top loader, a little easier to load/unload, but it's still High Efficiency. I can't even tell you how much this excites me. I'm a little sick like that. Appliances make me happy.

Finally, we went to Circuit City and Jake finally bought an MP3 player, so he'll stop complaining he needs one :)

Hope you had a good day, too!


Romelda said...

what a disappointment on your e-bay flop. I've always been afraid..takes you youngun's to take the risks..tee-hee. Thanks for the "spark". I am busy exploring. See you Wednesday.

IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Yay for SP packages! Boo for not fun Ebay packages....but maybe it would be a good wool for felting?? The color looks really pretty! And you can use your new washer too then :)

Catherine Kerth said...

sorry to hear about the ebay scandal! that happened to me about a year ago.... if its not brand name or an indie dyer, then buyer beware! ;)

Cheryl in VA said...

Then again it could be one of those yarns that "blooms" when washed and such. If it is twine-y, it could be a linen blend, and so may have linen properties.

I, like you, get excited about my appliances - so truly you are not alone. I LOVE my front loader. I will never go back to the old style (ick puuuuuyyyy)