Thursday, September 6, 2007

So close I can taste it!

Found you!
You signed up on June 27, 2007
You are #11301 on the list.
85 people are ahead of you in line.
19632 people are behind you in line.
36% of the list has been invited so far

This inevitably means, however, I will likely be invited tomorrow and will have to wait ALL THE WAY TO MONDAY to play with it! Boo.

In knitting news, I'm bored with all 3 projects I brought to Michigan, so progress has been SLOW. I've also been busy seeing friends. I re-converted a friend to knitting (I have pictures to post later!) She 'sort of' learned a couple years ago, but trailed off because she had a hard time getting anyone to help her (she's a lefty!). I tried my best to figure things out left handed but then, it turns out, she can knit like a righty! So she's going to town on a dishcloth. Very exciting, no? Scary, however, that I am somewhat of a knitting Evangelist now.


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

So close!! So close! Be prepared for the time-suck that is to ensue! Hope you love it :) I'm Irishgirlieknits there.

knitdaisyknit said...

Have you made it in yet? You'll love it!

Spongebob does make a fabulous model for my knits, doesn't he?