Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Secret Pal is Awesome!!

So the weather is really crummy today and I can't get a good picture of my goodies, but I got my first SP11 package today!! I will try for pictures to post tomorrow (as I also got some other eBay items. . it was a great day for packages!). But I will do my best to describe my package here, because I'm so excited!

First, I have to tell you that I suck at surprises and have been trying to find out who my spoiler is by stalking the participants list. She told me English is not her first language, so I totally was ignoring all the US participants. But she tricked me! She lives in California :) However, she revealed to me in her card that she is originally from Finland! So, she sent me 3 skeins of Suvi Novita cotton. . . it's from Finland. . . she wanted to send me something from her native country! (It's a good thing she told me in the card, though, because the label is written in Finnish!)

She also sent a bath mitt and towel she knit (I think of the same cotton but I can't be 100% sure) and a pretty cake of soap for a 'bath theme'! I can't place the scent of the soap, but it's lovely. And, we just had a plumber here yesterday to fix our bathtub so I think after the gym tonight I shall take a soak!

The last item in the package was a box of fudge, that I know for certain Jake will commandeer when he gets home from work!

Thank you Thank you Thank you Secret Pal!!

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Cheryl in VA said...

Sounds like a fun SP. Sneaky too. So, did you get to enjoy your soak??

I got the most wonderful smelling soap from my SP, I think I may just keep it so I can keep sniffing it. (giggle)

I had to get away from the ebay thing several months ago, and now won't even let myself on the site unless I am desperate for something or doing research on cost comparison. I rather think of it as 'evilbay'