Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm addicted to eBay. . . and Catch up!

OK, So first, sorry it's been forever since I've posted. For some reason, they actually expected me to WORK last week (sheesh!) and I was wicked busy. I had time for knitting, but not for worrying about pictures. . . and let's be honest, blogging is boring without pictures!! No one wants to read an essay.
So first, the wedding. Laura Beth looked gorgeous and the wedding was beautiful and elegant, and the purse fit right in! The only downside was pictures. . . between issues with the church and the limo driver, we didn't really have much time after the ceremony to get pictures. The church was amazing and it had beautiful grounds and they really wanted pictures outdoors. But all else was well and we had tons of fun!

At the wedding, contemplating how much it cost (which I won't share, but I will tell you it is comparable to my annual salary), Jake and I reaffirmed there are WAY better things to do with that kind of money and that we are NOT having a big wedding! We think Napa Valley for a destination wedding. Yay :)

I also got super cranky with my friend Jeff because of the wedding. Why yes, yes, that IS the Michigan Superfan. He lives and dies by Michigan football, which is difficult this year, since it's been rough so far. The wedding began at 5:30, so he originally knew he'd miss the ceremony but would be at the reception. Then two days before he & his wife would miss dinner but would still be at the reception. Then, really as no surprise, he texted one of the bridesmaids when the Oregon game ended that he couldn't make it. How shitty is that? You miss your friends wedding because you're cranky your football team lost? NEWSFLASH. . . You don't play. . .. you don't even go to school there anymore! You're life will go on. I'm still mad, so sorry for the rant. I guess it's one less person to have on my wedding invite list.

OK, on to knitting! But not my knitting yet. My best friend Tricia (we've been friends since 3rd grade) tried to learn to knit a year or two ago. She had an injury and was at home, all day, unable to really move, so when she got sick of TV, she picked up knitting needles. Apparently the pain meds made it difficult to be consistent, so she stopped. I went up to visit her while I was home and we went yarn shopping at Mary Maxim. I'd never heard of it, but Trish said people drive from all over to go, so I decided why not! I decided while we were there Trish needed to try knitting again. . . she was talking about how much she like the knitted dishcloths her aunt made. So I bought her a set of needles and a skein of Sugar 'n Cream and we went home to practice. She is a lefty and I was trying my best to figure out how to knit as a lefty to show her, but, being used to living in a righty world, Trish decided to try knitting right handed and could do it so off we went! She's knitting English and doing great! I will *hopefully* get a picture from her when she finishes it, but now the world has another knitter. . Yay!

I also got to do lots of secret pal shopping in Michigan. I love visiting out of town yarn stores. I obviously can't post pictures until I send the packages, though.

I also did some secret pal shopping on eBay this weekend. I am so not normally an ebay shopper, but I went through this totally addicted 48 hour period where I bid on a ridiculous amount of stuff. Luckily, I didn't win most of it! But, I did get 2200 yards of wool for $6.80. I couldn't help but buy it at that price. Then, serendipitously, the new Knitty cam out and there sat Mr Greenjeans. Perfect to make with this new green yarn!! And then some. . . 2200 yards is a LOT of yarn!

And now, finally, some progress pictures:
Better Sweater (all seamed, now just needs blocking & button sewn on!)

Undulating Rib Socks (sock #1 done, waiting to cast on 2nd)

Delilah Socks (preparing to frog, I lost a stitch somewhere and, honestly, am not loving the pattern, may start with a new one)

Red Scarf Project 'My so called scarf' (I worried about running out of red, so I'm doing blocks of brown & red)

Wine Cozy (just needs a drawstring!)

And, I really am doing a contest, but this post is too long to include it, so I shall post it first thing Tuesday morning!


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Looks like the wedding was lots of fun!! I love wedding pictures :)

Your WIPs look great! Especially the Better Sweater! That color is perfect for you!

Becca said...

You and the bride look lovely! We had a wedding at the courthouse and never regretted the money we saved. I wish I'd compromised a little so my mom wouldn't have felt so left out, but I still wouldn't have done the big multi-thousand dollar shindig. My brother got married on a hilltop in Colorado and spent a fortune, only to be divorced in less than 2 years. We went to Taco Bell after our wedding and are coming up on 14 years!

2200 yards for 6.80? I need to check out eBay more often! Mr. Greenjeans was one of my favorite patterns in this issue.

Cheryl in VA said...

Love the dress from the wedding, and I agree the color is great for you. Why you could wear your better sweater over your dress and have a winter outfit. (giggle)

Good luck with the WIPs and I think Mr Greenjeans would look great on you as well. I love the look of the pattern.

See you Soon at the Daily Grind