Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Cake for Breakfast!

Happy Day ... . leftover birthday cake for breakfast :) Sparkpeople be damned! I couldn't help it. . the cake was out of a box, but the frosting was homemade. . . . and even though I forgot to add the vanilla it was DE-LISH-OUS!!

So no knitting has occurred since I got back from KC. . . too busy with Jake's birthday. He did decide yesterday he doesn't like the camo-effect of the hat, so I have to frog and decide what to do. I think new green yarn for stripes is in my future!

So, I forgot to tell you the strangest happening from KC. I can't figure out in my brain if there are really folks who are this naive, or just in denial. You be the judge. At the party I was introduced to a lady. Then I was introduced to her female roommate. Now remember, we are in the mid-West/Bible belt crossover area here. On the surface, really nothing unusual about having a roommate, until I was told 'Oh, yes, well she's just been around since we all can remember, I guess at least 20 years'. Hmm, I thought, that's interesting. .. then I noticed both the lady and the roommate are wearing rings on their right ring fingers. . . .but there are no husbands living in the house. Anyone else thinking 'roommate' is just a Missouri-acceptable euphemism? I mean, come on, who has a roommate who is just a roommate for TWENTY YEARS and, in conjunction, has never been married but wears a ring?!?!?!

So hope you have a good day :) Thanks for listening to my story. . .makes me chuckle to think about it. . . and makes me glad not to live there! (though you could argue VA isn't much more accepting of alternate lifestyles)


Becca said...

Leftover cake for breakfast...I like your style!

IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Birthday cake for breakfast is the best!!!

I totally agree with your roommate story!!