Monday, October 1, 2007


Do not, I repeat, do NOT install this on your blog.

If you choose to do so, I cannot be held responsible for all the time you will waste being fascinated by the results.

I blame Meg for my new obsession.

ps- yes, I know I owe you a contest winner, but I haven't gotten to it yet. I am trying to get ready for Jake's B-Day tomorrow. . . I hope to post tonite.

pps- please don't point out the hypocrisy that I have time to post this, but not that. . . I am, of course, procrastinating from my 'real' job right now :)


PixieRose said...

ok well my fingers are still crossed.

Happy Birthday Jake

psst: my birthday is friday.


meg(aphone) said...

mu hoo ha ha ha!! <---evil Mr. Burns laughter. It is so addicting isn't it!!