Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Works in Progress

OK, I really need an eBay intervention! I HAVE to stop buying random yarn! I made a new purchase last night, but at least this one is worth wile (unlike the 3 more balls of cotton I bought. . . but it was only $2 for 3 balls!) I got a bag of Debbie Bliss Merino Aran in (what appears to be) a gorgeous red. With shipping, I paid $44, so I think $4/ball is pretty good, and it's slated to be used for Tempting. Very excited, I think it's so lovely. . I just hope I don't get bored with that much ribbing. (And, if anyone has a suggestion of what to make with 2 skeins of pink tweed mercerized cotton, let me know. . .it was $3, so it ended up with me!) See, I really do need someone to just shut off my eBay account!

In other online news, why is it when you NEED a coupon, none come to your inbox. I normally get like 2 coupons a week from JoAnn. . . either free shipping or 40% off an item. Jake is (most likely) going to be buying me a blocking/ironing pad, cutting mat and rotary cutter for my birthday (we went to JoAnn Sunday for me to point out the ones I want). I told him I'd give him coupons, but NO, apparently there is a conspiracy against me getting one now! Selfish, I know, but if he saves money it means he buys me something else :) Two more weeks to look for a coupon. . . .

On to knitting. I'm totally in a knitting zone right now, loving nearly everything I'm knitting (not counting my halter top which I continue to ignore and my purse that STILL needs a lining sewn in). First, the endpaper mitts:

I didn't feel like messing with the italian tubular cast on, so I just learned a 'regular' one using waste yarn. I was impressed, got it on my first try, but I can't say I think it's that much stretchier than a long tail cast on. I do like the fact that it's thicker, though, and looks like a small seam on the cuff. I realized after I did about 10 rows of the pattern that I was using the colors opposite of how the pattern does, but I actually like it better (for me). In general, I like that the pattern is so striking by having the cuff and the main background contrast, but I think I'm more likely to wear them being a little more subtle. When I finish, I plan to make a pair for Jake's sister for Christmas. .. she works for a Hockey team in Alaska and spends lots of time in the rink. Seems to me these would be very handy (no pun intended!)

I started a Mason-Dixon baby kimono for Tricia's baby, Addison. Tell me how I have to go UP two needle sizes for my endpaper mitts, but DOWN two to do the kimono? I'm knitting both on Size 4s. I'm hopefully sizing this up to 12 months, but the pattern is pretty vague on how to change the sizes, so I hope it works out. It's looking a little big right now. . . .

I'm strangely drawn to the orange/pink combination. I plan to do the sleeves in all pink, then pick the striping back up on the front panels.

I got the Malabrigo I ordered on Monday (seriously, I can't believe I ordered Friday afternoon and got the yarn Monday). I really really love this yarn! The colorways still skeined are Red Java and Azul Profund, the balled is Burgundy.

At SnB last night, I cast on with Burgundy for one of the Christmas scarves. It's skinnier than I'd ideally like, but if my math is right, it will come out close to 8 feet long, so it can be wrapped multiple times. I still like it better than being as wide as the one I knit for me.

I think that's it for now. . . Zosia has a Vet appointment and I have to battle morning traffic (yay for working at home and not dealing with it regularly!).


ps - I know I still have to put up a pic of my sweater. . . I've worn it now, but Jake's photo skills are somewhat lacking and none are post-worthy, so I'll try again later!


sko_G knits said...

i love the pink and orange!! it's a great combination. AND i love malabrigo. i have a problem buying it with not intended project. i guess i just like rolling around in all that goodness!!

Jen said...

mmm malabrigo

@ my SnB last night we were discussing the lace and how you just want to eat it... i love that stuff. yum!

B said...

ooh, malabrigo is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

i have a 40% off joanns coupon if you want it