Thursday, October 11, 2007

(no creative title today)

So, first off, polyimide combined with superwash wool. .. . doesn't shrink! So my undulating ribs will be undulating their way to a new home. Jess called dibs first, so I'll bring them to Daily Grind Saturday AM. You can try them on, and if they don't fit, Romelda, it's all you :) At least you know they are easy care, now, LOL! If warm water and high heat dryer don't shrink them, they must be able to take anything. (Note to everyone. . . Schoeller + Stahl is VERY durable! And it has a nice combination self striping-but-not-too-much effect). It's kind of rough out of the ball, but the LYS was right that it softens from working with it, and definitely after washing. I'd like to knit a pair of socks that FIT for me with it :)

In knitting news, I had to frog the heel of my Jeezny Cricket socks. The whole time I was knitting I thought the heel flap looked a little big, but never took the time to count stitches. So when I completed 36 rows and went to turn the heel, I finally saw I had too many. I probably could have left it and adjusted in the gusset, but instead I frogged. I got it reknit and heel turned successfully while watching ANTM last night. It was the makeover show. . . always my favorite!

I am unsuccessfully stalking the mailman for my KnitPicks yarn. . . . I really want to start the mitts. OK, I admit this longing to start the mitts is to avoid the fact that it's like 2 months to Christmas and I really haven't started Christmas projects yet. I need something else on the needles to distract me from feeling a lot of guilt. . I'm just not inspired enough to do gift knitting. But I've heard now, that Knitpicks takes FOREVER. My box shipped on 10/4. .. how can it possibly take that long? Do they use Pony Express?!?!

While the mailman didn't bring my knitpicks yet, he did bring me my PRGE contest package and my Breast Cancer stitch markers from Sunne. What a great hostess, eh? The package has 2 skeins of Araucania Atacama Alpaca, voodoo head stitch markers, yummy bath salts, iron on skulls, and a skull do-rag!
Here's a close up of both sets of stitch markers (the pink w/ beads is a row counter). Sunne makes really, really nice markers. . . I totally suggest checking out her shop!


Jen said...

I hope you get your Knitpicks order soon. I've never had anything but good luck with their delivery; I always get it in 4 or 5 days.

What a great surprise in the mail!

Anonymous said...

sometimes I get my knitpicks super fast and sometimes it seems to take forever. Its odd like that.

Can't wait to get my contest prize and to try on the socks. I should let you look thru my stash of craft supplies to pick out something nice as payment for the socks. or maybe I should buy you the new skein so you can try again to make some your own size. I did the same thing with a pair I knit once. They were a bit tight so Hope ended up getting them. I just got around to getting more yarn to try again (well i found it on ravelry since it was a discountinued yarn and its not arrived yet. i hope soon).


Anonymous said...

I've ordered a lot from KnitPicks and their orders seem to arrive in about a week from ordering. I have received packages 3 days and 2 weeks from ordering, so it can take anything in between for them to deliver. Perhaps they're a little busy now?

I hope you get your yarn soon :)

- Your Secret Pal