Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Short post before a Short break

So just a quick post before jaunt off to Nashville! I can't even tell you how excited I am!! And, I 'met' a girl on Ravelry who is also going, so I think we'll be meeting and knitting at some point. Fun! I also found out my collegiate chapter is having a UM-SWE alumni breakfast, so I'm hoping to meet up with some girls I haven't seen in ages.

I haven't narrowed down yet what I'm taking with me (that would imply I've packed, which I have not yet started).
Here is Lelah . . . ..the Cotton-Ease is kind of driving me crazy. . . it squeaks randomly. . . just every so often, enough to keep me guessing. I hope I can make it through!

Here is my first finished endpaper, LOVE IT (well, finished if you don't count weaving in ends)! I've slowed down on the 2nd. .. , though I hope to finish it in Nashville.
I've been working on Laura's scarf, but it still looks the same, just longer :)

Yesterday, Kim & Chris made it down for dinner with Kayla. Of course, I had my camera and took no pictures, but trust me. . . she's a DOLL! She's got Kim's curls and Chris' red hair! Dinner, well the eating portion, was not so great. The restaurant came on high recommendations and it was pretty. . . . right on the Chesapeake Bay, but both Jake and I weren't enamored with the food. This was made up for, of course, by the great company. It was so nice to catch up. It was also made up for with outstanding cheesecake :) (hush hush . . . I shared with Jake! and I ate scallops for dinner!)

I don't expect to be on much posting or blog reading while I'm away, so I'll 'see' you all next Monday!


sko_G knits said...

the endpaper mitt looks beautiful!

what is lelah?

IrishgirlieKnits said...

I have to agree. The endpaper mitt is gorgeous!! Hope you finish them in Nashville! Have a great weekend!

Catherine Kerth said...

oooo, u r making a lelah! its a fun knit, can't wait to see how yours turns out :) and r u apart of the fingerless mitts KAL? you should join and post the pics of your endpaper mitts they lookm awesome!

keri said...

Your endpaper is beautiful!

Cass said...

Man those mitts are gorgeous!

Angelika said...

Just to let you know, I ended up making 3 pair of them. They can be addictive. Beware.