Friday, October 19, 2007


GAWD! I'm so tired of hot weather! It's in the 80's and HUMID today. . . next week it is supposed to be record highs again. It is LATE OCTOBER, this is just ridiculous. It is supposed to be cool and crisp, not A/C weather!

OK, Enough complaining.

I'm very excited for the coming week. First off, I'm going out DANCING tonite! (not with Jake of course, he doesn't like dancing, but Susan does!) Then tomorrow, I'm playing my first official round of golf (9 holes at a Par 3, but still). We have friends coming down to Williamsburg this weekend, we're meeting them for dinner Monday. I haven't seen their daughter since she was like 3 weeks old, now she's 18 months!! Then Wednesday morning I head off to the SWE conference in Nashville, TN. I'm scoping out yarn stores and hope to have time between conference events to stop by. I also think I'll have good down time for lots of knitting! Friday Jake is coming in to Nashville so we can hang out for the weekend. Jake wants to buy cowboy boots, so shopping will be fun! And to top it off, we come back and it's Halloween and then my Birthday. Can't get much better, right?!

Knitting wise, I finished the first endpaper mitt and have the cuff done on the 2nd. I knit up a few more repeats on Laura's scarf, too, but I haven't started anything else. Sorry there's nothing exciting enough for photographs!

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