Thursday, October 4, 2007

Wherein the universe tries to right wrongs. . . .

So today sucked. . .. until about 3PM. I really, really, really need to do something about my job. It makes me miserable. Today was particularly bad, and then the mail man came with a package!! It was from Angela, my PRGE pal!
Fun, right?!?! My package is great! 3 balls of WonderWool in pink tweed (I can already see a shrug in it!), a copy of 'Cast on, Bet's off' (a knitting mystery) on CD, a tape measure, ridiculously amazing Biscotti (chocolate on a bad day. . . . I couldn't wait until after the picture to open the box!) and a pirate project bag!

Pirate map on the outside, skullies on the inside!
Thanks, Angela!! You really made my day!

Jake had to unexpectedly work overtime today, so he got home late (and cranky). But, today is the last day of 12 months same as cash at Sears, so we had to go to buy my replacement washing machine. Unfortunately, the lovely sales associate told me that EVERY washing machine Sears sells is made by Whirlpool, except the LG. Seriously! The company that is now the bane of my existence makes Kenmore, Whirlpool and Frigidare! So, the LG it was. I got the non- steam version. . . . an extra $300 didn't seem worth a feature I had no idea why I'd use. My new new washer gets delivered Monday. Hopefully this one is here to stay!

Then, as I logged on to write this entry, I checked the PRGE site, and Sunne announced the contest winner. . .guess who it was? ME!!! Yay! Some yummy alpaca yarn and Sunne's stitch markers are coming my way.

So, I'm not sure that fun new yarn and treats are comparable compensation for the misery that is my job, but I'll take it!

Here's hoping to a better Friday, for you and me both!

ps- Seriously, go visit Sunne's page and donate to Race for the Cure!

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IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Yarn is the perfect cure for a crappy day, don't you think? Well, pink tweed yarn and chocolate definately.

Tomorrow's Friday....its got to be better, right?