Tuesday, October 9, 2007

T-23 Days

So, my birthday is in 23 days. (That is November 1, if you don't want to do the math). I love my Birthday, though strangely enough, less now that I used to. But, it's still my favorite holiday. My least favorite part of my birthday, however, is the month I have to endure answering 'What do you want for your Birthday?'. I detest this question. Normally, I could have 100 things on my brain that I 'want', but when you tell someone you want it, you will likely get it, and that's a lot of pressure. There's lots of stuff I think I want, and never get, because, frankly, I just get by without it. Do I NEED a blocking board? Of course not, and I don't want someone to spend money on me for something I end up not using (or not using enough to justify the cost!). And so here I sit, and ponder, what to ask for. (Can you believe I love my birthday when I put this much pressure on myself!) I really DO need a nice, big cutting mat and rotary cutter to really work on my sewing. . . you can only do so much when you have to start with non-straight edges. Beyond that, I'm stumped. I think I'd like some sock blockers. . . and maybe one of those tube things that hold your DPNs when they are in use. . . but I just don't know! Anyone have a knitting or sewing related item they think I must have?

In knitting news, I finished my undulating rib socks. Problem is, they are too big. The first one fit when I knit it, and I knit the second one to match. . .and they are too big. I must have tried them on with swollen feet or something. Here is a picture of me trying to tell myself they aren't too big.

And an up close of the pattern, I really like it!

In an effort to 'save' them, I'm violating the cardinal sin of washing in warm water and drying in the dryer, to see if they will shrink. They are superwash, so they won't felt. But, the yarn is 75% superwash wool and 25% polyimide. . . . which I have a feeling will translate to 'will not shrink'. I wear a 7 1/2 or 8 shoe. . . so if anyone has bigger feet than that and wants to call dibs if they don't shrink, let me know!

It is 94 today, and so still no sweater picture. I may be crazy to put on wool socks outside for a picture, but certainly not a sweater! With the socks done, my only WIP now is my jeezny cricket socks. I'm almost done with the Eye of Partridge heel on the first one. I need something new to work on! I ordered yarn from KnitPicks to make the Endpaper mitts, so I hope that comes in the mail today! I was going to work on the MD Baby Kimono, but I can't get gauge with my needle options (who knew I only have Sz 6s in DPNs!) and so I have to wait to go shopping this weekend for needles for that. I want to get Bryspun needles, I really think I like them better than addi's, but the only store that sells them around here for sure is my least favorite, and I don't think I can bear a trip in there. Any of my local readers. . . do you know if Hook & I or Ewe Knit Kits sells the Bryspun needles?

Finally, in swap news, I got a new SP11 pal. The girl I was spoiling was removed. Thankfully I'd only sent her one package, but it had a beautiful skein of Malabrigo (the Paris Night one) in it and a handmade bag. She hadn't done anything yet for her downstream. And this poor downstream girl got an upstream that flaked out last round, too! So now I want to think up something extra special for her.



Catherine Kerth said...

i like the colors in your socks :) glad you got someone else to spoil!

Anonymous said...

i wear an 8.5

hmmm thinking of something knitting or sewing related that you must have... hmmmm... you could always ask for local yarn store gift cards then go shopping for yarn. lots of people dont like asking for gift cards tho. you could also ask for any books you might want. books make good gifts.

hmmm there was something else I was going to comment about and now i'm drawing a blank. maybe I'll remember later.


IrishgirlieKnits said...

I like Jessica's comment...send them her way...hehehe. I don't know..those socks are too cute to give away even if they are too big! Love that pattern- I'll have to remember it!

Romelda said...

I also have a bigger foot and I would be proud to have my feet "undulate".
I definitely vote for a big rotary mat and a cutter. I use mine for all sorts of things.
see you Wednesday?