Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Hope everyone is having a fun Halloween!! I have to say, I've had better. My FAVORITE part of Halloween is seeing all the little kids all dressed up and having fun. (I realize as I write it that that sounds a bit creepy, but really, it's all on the up & up!) When I was of trick-or-treating age, I always waited to go out so I could hand out some candy, especially since the parents of the REALLY little ones bring them out before it's even dark. I was SO excited to have a real house this year. We didn't get much in the way of trick-or-treaters in my condo in Vermont. So how many do you think came to my door today? Well, after the 1st 90 minutes (kids are only allowed to go around from 5-8PM in our town) no one had yet come. I was majorly bummed. Then I got a group of 3 kids. . . then about 15 minutes later a group of 6 kids (including one of the neighbors) came. They were awful cute, particularly the little girl who was Wicked Witch of the West but couldn't say trick or treat without spitting out a mouthful of dots she was already eating! But 9 kids is a pretty lame showing. And I could hear them on the block over from us, but I think we suffer from being on the 'old people' street. Only 1 other house on our block had the light on, so not worth it for most kids to come down. Big Bummer :(

On the plus side, it's almost my birthday!! Jake was wrapping my presents and he let me peek now that they're wrapped. I know what these are, for the most part, but I know he has something else to surprise me, so I'm excited. FEDEX also stopped by when I wasn't home, so that must be a gift, too :) YAY! Right now Jake is in the kitchen whisking up the custard filling for my banana cream pie. . . SOOOOOOOOOOO excited to eat it! (it has to sit overnight, thus the making it today.) He even splurged on REAL vanilla bean. . .let me tell you, they are POTENT! I could smell it a good 6 feet away from it.

So, yeah, if anyone wants some candy, please stop by. . . we have LOTS of leftover tootsie rolls, caramels and air heads!!

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