Friday, October 5, 2007

Oh to be a puppy

So I'm still mildly down from having a crappy day yesterday. . . but no matter how cranky I am, I can count on my puppies to cheer me up. I wish I could get cute pictures of them being themselves. . . but Jimmy Ray is petrified of the camera. He knows what it sounds like when it turns on. . . and he immediately stops whatever he is doing and runs upstairs to hide under a bed.

I don't know what sets them off, but out of the blue, they will just start to run around the house like crazy. Upstairs. . . downstairs. . . on the bed. . . off the bed. . . . pick up a toy. . . .play tug with the toy. They do this generally for a good 15 minutes. Then, just ask quick as they started, they stop running and settle in on the carpet for a session of 'face bitey'. If you have dogs, you know this game. . . .the dogs make these terrible growling noises while feverishly trying to bite the face/ears/whatever they can get of the other dog. I'm not sure what enjoyment they get out of it, but it endlessly entertaining to watch!

When they tire of face bitey, then they wander over to me (or whoever is closest!) and sit patiently waiting for a butt scratch or belly rub. . . . I guess it depends on their mood which they prefer. .. and they let you know. . . if you try to scratch their back, they will quickly lie down to roll over when it's time for the belly!

I think there is a lesson to be learned here. . . .


sock lover said...


The blockers she must have bought over at


Becca said...

My doggie runs and hides when she sees the camera as well. I've tried to take photos with no flash, and all I get is her looking like I'm going to beat her. Glad your puppies are there to cheer you up!