Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gotta Love Ravelry

OK, I have a confession to make. When I FINALLY got onto Ravelry, I was underwhelmed. I guess there was no way around it. After all the blog hype, it really couldn't meet my expectations, right? Well, I'm starting to come around. Friday I went in to look up Cotton-Ease. My SP11 sent me a skein and I was curious what people had made with it. On the first page of projects, I found this. I fell in love! Unfortunately, the green of the cotton-ease I got from SP wouldn't look good as a wearable on me, so this meant a trip to Michael's to pick up some more ;) I'm doing the top two-tone, taupe on the lace part, light blue on the bodice. So where, other than Ravelry, can you find this kind of enabling?!?!

I cast on for Lelah last night watching the UM-Illinois game. Clearly this was too much for me, as after casting on THREE times, I still had problems. I had fresher eyes this afternoon and just completed the 1st lace repeat. Nothing picture worthy at the current time, though.

Yeah, and golf. . . . .I had my first golf outing today. It wasn't as bad as it could have been. . .my best hole was 6 strokes (legitimately) on Par 3. That doesn't sound so bad, but I will admit there were two holes that I actually lost count of my strokes, and another that we bent the rules on. I had a pretty good time, though, until the end when we had another pair right up on us and I was very stressed feeling pressured to get moving. Jake, as always, was insanely patient with me, which I needed or I would have given up on the 2nd hole!

Now, Kim, Chris & Kayla will be here for dinner tomorrow, then I'm packing and off to Nashville! Can't wait! Hope you have a great week starting, too!!


Top Hat said...

That's exactly why I love Ravelry, too. I love being able to find out what other people've done with stuff I have in my stash!

And the golf sounds like fun!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

What an adorable pattern! I have to agree, one of the main reasons why I love ravelry too!!